Keep your landscape lush and healthy year-round. Automatic sprinkler systems save time, water and money. We install professional sprinkler systems utilizing necessary components such as back flow preventers, weather sensors and timers with battery backup, low volume spray nozzles & drip irrigation. Understanding proper calculations with meters, fittings and flow control is mandatory to provide your garden with proper coverage. An understanding of soils & plant materials to determine the proper watering is an integral part of installing a well designed irrigation system. A carefully planned system can provide years of maintenance free enjoyment for your garden. Thirty-plus years of experience gives us what it takes to be the best choice for your irrigation needs.

Blue Island has been awarded "Select Contractor Status" by The Rainbird Corporation. This means that we have been recognized for being at the very top of our industry which allows us special privileges with the company such as access to new products before they hit the market, as well as, educational & environmental impact training. This is a special honor that is limited to only a small number of contractors per state.